About Darcy Marler


“Over the past 17 years Darcy Marler has owned 92 properties worth over $44M.”

At the age of 15 Darcy was first introduced to the world of real estate investing. years later he still finds great pleasure in locating great properties and bringing out their true potential. Originally a computer professional by trade, Darcy has over 30 years of project management experience.

The first 14 years of his professional life he was involved with managing the installation of computer accounting software for mid size companies. Self employed, he spent 1996 to 2001 living and working in South America – specifically in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Brasil. It was in Caracas, Venezuela that Darcy met the love of his life, Sandra. Caracas is also the birthplace of the couple’s three children.

Returning to Canada in 2001, Darcy switched gears from computers to investing full time in real estate. Starting with fix and flips he then moved to building infills and from there to land development and new home construction. Garnering the best of what he has learned from all of these disciplines, in the past several years Darcy has re-focused his energies back to fixing up neglected properties. However, instead of flipping the properties once renovated, the goal now is to maximize profits through holding on to the properties long term as rentals.

Over the past 17 years Darcy has owned 92 individual properties. These properties had 236 ‘doors’ or units worth over $44 million.

Darcy’s skill set includes expertise in accounting, negotiating, real estate law, project management, marketing and financing. Darcy is honest, hard working, a leader, good natured with a high level of integrity.

Outside of work Darcy enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and now grown kids. Hobbies include hiking in the Rocky Mountains and travel. Aside from the 5 years spent in South America other travel highlights include a trip to Greece & Italy, a Baltic cruise and time in the Caribbean. In January 2007 for his 40th birthday Darcy went to Tanzania and climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro at just shy of 20,000 feet high.

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