What We Do / Why use Hutton Radway


“Real estate has always been the best investment. Combine that with someone who is experienced at getting the most out of real estate investing and you have a real winning combination.”

What We Do

We partner with High Net Worth, Joint Venture (JV), Money Partners on exciting new Real Estate projects. That might mean purchasing an existing mutli-family apartment building or a 5 storey medical building that is already cash flowing positively; developing land into lots for single family homes; or building a new strip mall or a row of 3 storey townhouses with underground parking. The sky is the limit.

You can see on other pages on this website my extensive experience, but it bears repeating here. 17 years as a full time, real estate investor, having personally owned 92 properties with 236 doors worth $44 million. I have owned long term rentals (everything from single family homes, to duplexes, to fourplexes and multi-family apartment buildings from 6 to 21 units), I have done flips, land development, new construction (I have built 46 new homes), condo conversions, land parceling, commercial, and changed the use of buildings from one thing to another. I was even instrumental in building a horse racetrack and casino.

As JV partners you would supply the capital while Hutton Radway would take care of everything else in the process. In our first meeting we will get to know each other and go through a wide range of questions to find out: what you hope to accomplish with your real estate investing, what your time horizon is, what your short & long term goals are, and what success in Real Estate looks like to you? Together, we will then create a plan that makes sense for you and your individual set of circumstances.

Purchase Existing Buildings

If we decide to purchase an existing building that is already cash flowing positively, like an apartment building, industrial / warehouse space, commercial bays, retail pads / strip malls, or medical or office buildings; then I would source an investment grade property. Very few buildings are investment grade, but we know how to find them. I would then take care of the rest of the process of negotiations; complete due diligence, inspections, environmental studies and building condition reports; find the appropriate financing; get insurance in place and take care of the legal aspects of the purchase. Once we own the property, I would then organize any repairs that need to get done as well as oversee long term property management.

Develop or Build New

If we decide to build or develop something new then my role would be to source the appropriate land parcel, work with the civil engineers and architects to design the site and the building, meet with the municipality / councillor / community leaders to get their permits and approval, line up the eventual buyers and construction lending and then oversee the actual development and construction process.

Whether we buy existing or build new there really is a lot of work for the real estate partner to take care of and, as you can see above, I have a ton of experience in all aspects of the process. This makes me an excellent person to partner with.

Other Options

I can also simply act as a consultant and guide you through the processes above if you wish to do most of the leg work yourself.

Alternatively, if you wish to invest in real estate without owning any property, I also have experience with investing in first or second mortgages and I know the managers at several large real estate investment trusts (REITS).

With continued unrest in economies and markets in developing countries it is becoming more and more common for High Net Worth Individuals in these locations to look to countries like the United States and Canada for a safe place to park their money. There is no better investment than Real Estate to do this. Let Hutton Radway be your liaison in these areas. We can handle everything related to locating, negotiating, purchasing and managing your real estate portfolio. Our team can even guide you through the tax and legal implications.

No matter what you are looking to accomplish through Real Estate Investing, Hutton Radway can help get you to the finish line. We work with high net worth / qualified investors as per the SEC rules in your area.

We look forward to working with you.

Why Use Hutton Radway

With all of the investment options that people have available to them investors are looking for:

  • Risk management / Protection of Capital,
  • Trust,
  • Experience and,
  • Knowledge

In general, simply investing in Real Estate goes a long way to mitigate risk and our team of professionals are very trustworthy and have an admirable amount of experience and knowledge built up over many years of direct hands on investing in various forms of real estate.

Most buildings are not investment grade. You can gain some significant wealth by buying smartly, managing correctly and waiting. We can help increase the chances that an existing property ends up being a great investment. Hutton Radway will handle all aspects of the purchase to ensure the property is in good condition, that it is the proper age, that it is in a good location, that it will be satisfactory to the end user, that the revenue and cost numbers make sense, that it has a strong tenant mix and that we buy it for a good price. We then co-ordinate renovations and management after the purchase.

We are interested in long term wealth creation for our clients and succeed by helping others have a great financial life and we hope to make real estate a positive experience for you.

Real Estate has always been the best investment. Combine that with an advisory group who are experienced at getting the most out of real estate investing and you have a real winning combination.

Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Investments